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Elcom is a rich and flexible digital experience platform that comes with over 100 base features, modules and connectors to meet all your content management needs and achieve your digital goals - while helping you achieve significant cost and time savings.

We have spent countless hours perfecting the platform so your staff will actually like using it, and your audience will receive consistent and exceptional online experiences. Whatever enterprise content management solutions you need, Elcom can deliver.

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Out-of-the-box features

Elcom comes standard with a comprehensive list of base features so you can quickly a build a solution to suit your specific needs and requirements.
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Design and Layout

Bootstrap Front-end Support

Support for the leading and widely used Bootstrap framework allows for faster and easier development of responsive sites and Elcom themes.

Themes Engine

A theme is a collection of Masterpages, JavaScript and CSS files, images and module/site configuration packaged into a single distributable ZIP file. Bring together all the components of a theme into single place making working with a website’s layout and design more efficient. This also allows a website’s theme to be downloaded as a ZIP file, and a new theme to be easily installed from a ZIP file as well.


Carousels provide non-technical publishers with the ability to create and apply image sliders, rotating banners or carousels on to any page. Simply drag and drop images into the creator, apply heading, text and transition style you like - it's as easy as that.

Code Blocks

Code Blocks provide the ability to write and use custom front-end scripting code i.e. C# or VB and embed these Code Blocks into articles. This gives developers the flexibility and power to create dynamically generated structured content, such as custom menus and lists.

Stylesheet Library

The Stylesheet Library allows you to control, add and edit, the CSS files used on the site.


Templates are a way of applying content and other article elements to an article when it is first created. Templates are linked to a specific master page that controls its layout.

Corporate Compliance

Allows compliance with corporate standards by locking down the fonts, styles, and components of the editing toolbar.

Menu Creator

"Menu Creator allows you to easily add a menu to your site without having to worry about coding the HTML and Javascript that would normally be required. It allows you to control styling via CSS and create different menus for different sections. Metadata"

JavaScript Library

The Custom CSS Library allows you to control, add and edit, the CSS files used on the site.

Intuitive Publishing

Folder Explorer

Drop a feature rich folder tree element into your articles, allowing users to navigate through and manage your website’s folder structure within your front-end pages. You can manage the folder structure as well as uploading new documents and images into a selected folder. The folder explorer element will also load a document list element on the same page to display the contents of a selected folder in that document list.

Premium Content

Premium Content allows you to provide exclusive access to content to site subscribers. Non-members will receive only the title and article description, while logged in subscribers will receive the full length content.

My Work

The My Work feature allows you to keep track of your articles and view a summary of your work in draft, awaiting your approval and so on.


Create articles and pages with the built-in content editor. The intuitive Microsoft-Word like environment provides non-technical users with the ability to author content, create tables, apply styles, create hyperlinks, import multi-media assets and more.

Compare Versions

Compare Version provides users with the ability to simply select two versions and compare amendments with changes highlighted.

User-Friendly URLs

A friendly URL is a web address that is easy to read and includes words that describe the content of the webpage. This type of URL can be "friendly" in 2 ways by helping visitors remember the Web address, and to describe the page to search engines. Elcom has a setting to generate user friendly URLs using the full folder hierarchy.

In-line editing

In-line editing provides users with the ability to very quickly create and update content on the fly. Simple click and edit, providing true WYSIWYG editing (what you see is what you get).

Most Popular Content

Most Popular Content ranks content popularity based on the number of views, article comments, usefulness and star page ratings – surfacing the best content for your user and highlighting content to improve on.

Redirect Management

"The Redirect Link section allows users to add previously used URLs to the article so as to add multiple ways of getting to the one article. This could be used if moving from an old site to a new site, where search engines have indexed the previous site and you would like to keep those indexes.

Page Connectors


It is designed for the everyday user and gives you the ability to create forms quickly and easily to capture data. Form Creator uses a point and click form creator tool with no need for technical input. Simply drag and drop fields into your form. The Form Creator makes creating Feedback, Inquiry, and Quote request forms quick and easy.


Display a message when a user visits your site and request their consent or acknowledgement to your message. This flexible feature can be used to request consent from a website visitor to use cookie tracking, as well as on your intranet or portal to request acknowledgement of new policies and procedures.


Users can vote on how helpful or unhelpful articles within a site are. This will help you surface the most relevant and helpful content to your users.

RSS Reader and Publisher

Easily display external RSS feeds on your site. Publish fully configurable feeds of content to anyone with an RSS reader. Allow users to subscribe via RSS to real time content updates.

FAQ Manager

The FAQ Managers allows for simple maintenance of Frequently Asked Questions with the ability to setup sections, and then within each section specific topics. Add in a dropdown to show/hide of answers, link to specific articles for more information and more. Access to FAQs can be secured via security groups.

Online Dictionary

The Online Dictionary feature allows a user to set up a page listing any number of terms and their explanations on your site. It also allows terms to be linked so you can link similar terms or point one term to another where there may be multiple names explaining the same concept.


Using the thesaurus with your keyword search can help your users find results based on both their keyword entered as well as synomyms, common mis-spellings and other associated keywords.


Allows simple polls to be inserted into articles, with the ability to time control the display of these polls. You can also create a series of questions and answers for users of the site to review and respond to using the related Quiz feature.


Create multiple blogs, each with their own user security privileges. Manage and moderate blogs and comments, optionally restrict access via user groups and control editing of posts.

Simplified Asset Management

Dynamic Widgets

You can create and maintain one widget to aggregated content e.g. articles, documents or events, and use it to display information across several articles simply by inserting a tag within either an article or template. Add content blocks anywhere throughout your site, in templates and articles, with easily configurable feeds of dynamically generated information.

Document Manager

Upload, store, manage and publish your documents with the Document Manager. Associate metadata and specify access based on security groups. Search and filter documents based on keywords and other criteria.

Document Upload

Document Upload is an article element that provides end users with simple front-end document upload capability. This improves end user experience by allowing them to upload without learning the backend and increases overall site flexibility allowing admins to deploy upload functions exactly where they are needed.

Taxonomy Manager

Create Taxonomy and use it to tag all content. Once the content is tagged, Dynamic Widgets and Enterprise Search can be enhanced to filter, refine and browse content based on the tags.

Custom Metadata

With this feature, you can add in additional details that describes other data such as meta description, meta title and alt images.

Image Manager

The Image Manager enables you to upload, edit, search for, and optimise images. You can also use a Dynamic Widget to set up an image gallery on your site enabling you to display specified images on your site.

Secure and Accountable

User & Group Security

The Security section provides Administrators with the tools to manage users, groups of users and their access to site folders and functionality.

Performance Optimisations

We have a collection of performance optimisations, both under the bonnet, and features that can be utilised with your website. This includes features such as:
Browser caching
Article level output caching
Embedded article output caching
Lazy loading for elements

Persona Panel

The persona view is a new option added into the Elcom admin toolbar, which allows an author to select a specific device screen size and marketing rule set to see how the current article will look to users matching that criteria.

Two-Factor Authentication

Add an extra layer of security to your site, ensuring only the right person can access their accounts and private information. QR codes for use with an authentication app which will generate single use, time sensitive secret codes for input when logging in. You also have the ability to define a 4-digit pin number for logging into your site.

Admin Alerts

Admin Alerts provide regular updates on frequently changed pages to provide control and ensure quality for collaborative authoring environments.

Change Log

This might be the dialog box prompt which can be configured to show on clicking Publish of an Article, which will prompt the user to comment on what changes they have just made to the article.


Team Workspace

Facilitate collaboration by enabling teams to quickly create workspaces, where they can easily participate in conversations and share documents around a topic or project. Workspaces allow teams to move work out of email threads and into centralised collaborative areas which are more efficient, searchable, and can be as open or private as needed. Users with the right permissions can create a Team Workspace for project specific communication and content. You can add a document list, calendar, news stream, RSS feeds or any Elcom module to build a specific collaborative environment.


Design and implement comprehensive audit processes for approval of content and forms. Access an unlimited number of workflow ‘baskets’ with complete parallel workflows, and the routing rules engine to adapt and branch workflows differently based on information provided in a form submission and the submitting user. Workflows can skip steps, reassign the approver or terminate early. Approvals for workflow basket steps can also be actioned by replying to the email notifications.

Content Alerts

Each time an article or document is created/updated the author can send out an email notification to specified user groups or mailing lists.

Content Review

You can set content reviews for each article to ensure an article is published only once it has been looked over and approved by a specified individual.

Request Feedback

At any time during or after the article creation process an author can collaborate with other users by requesting feedback or comments.

Content Collaboration

Group author content in a centralised and controlled environment with Elcom. Control access with article check-ins/outs. Manage control interactions with version control and roll-backs.


Add search boxes to your site. This is achieved by setting up a Search element in an article. This can then be included in a master page via the embed article control.

Real-Time Search

Real-time search is an easy way to enhance the user experience and productivity of your website, intranet or portal. When a user starts typing in the search field, results are automatically returned as they type. As the user continues to type, the results update in real-time. A ‘more results’ link offers the user the ability to view all search results on a page.

Federated Search

With Federated search, you can make your search results more helpful for users. This feature allows you to incorporate external websites, RSS feeds and file servers into your search results.

Best Bets

The Best Bets function is used for Search and is part of the Enterprise Search module. You can take the most searched for terms and attach articles, documents or events to them. The assets will then appear at the top of the search results, and can be highlighted if needed with styling to suggest assets to the user. This creates suggested results. Search relevancy is calculated in a number of ways but the highest relevancy ranking is given to any items that have been set up using the Best Bets function.

Easy Administration

Responsive Administration

Our administration interface is completely responsive. This allows all the admin screens to adapt and display optimally for any screen size. Leveraging the de-facto standard Twitter Bootstrap responsive framework, our admin screens have also adopted a flatter design. This means that our admin screens now work on the device that you work on.

Accessibility Compliance

We are committed to supporting and maximising accessibility for all web users. Level AA Conformance to Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.0 has been delivered to base administration screens, the core authoring experience and selected modules.

Local Administration

Give a power user local administration access to a subset of the site allowing them to create and manage users and groups within their section.

RSS Reader and Publisher

Easily display external RSS feeds on your site. Publish fully configurable feeds of content to anyone with an RSS reader. Allow users to subscribe via RSS to real time content updates.

Advanced Analytics and Reporting

Google Analytics Integration

Google Analytics integration comes standard with Elcom. Consolidate your Google Adwords, Webmaster and Analytics data for detailed statistics on your website and Google campaigns.

Analytics Panel

The Elcom admin dashboard’s Google Analytics panel can pull real-time data from your site’s Google Analytics account and display rich graphs right in the admin dashboard; displaying visits, popular browsers and top locations statistics over a day, week or month period.

Publishing Reports

A range of reporting tools are available, dependent on which modules have been activated as part of the deployment. Reports can be based on mailing list subscribers, content created, event registrations, KPI’s met plus much more. Then save time by automating the process of generating and distributing reports; create scheduled reports automatically sent to other users as email attachments. Custom, purpose built reports (complete with filters) can also be created by us to cater for your specific business requirements, accessible through the standard reporting dashboard.

Security and User Reports

Elcom’s powerful reporting provides a granular view of your site’s users and their security permissions and access levels. Featuring all the flexibility of the publishing reports, these reports enable you to track site and user activity from Elcom capabilities a user has access to folders within a group a user has permission for and their access level.


The following optional modules are available to enhance the functionality of your solution. Add in new modules at any time after deployment as your needs evolve.
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A/B Testing

The A/B testing Module provides a measurement and evaluation tool for testing the effectiveness of any modifications and improvements made to your site.

Content Migration

The Migration Toolkit assists with bulk content creation of folders, articles, documents and images, and provides a transportable format for basic content. This saves countless hours of manually moving content over from the legacy site.

Corporate Directory

Search, filter and browse the staff directory, or organisations within global site search results. Integrate with Active Directory and export results. Organisational charts can also be automatically rendered based on a contact's manager listed within the Corporate Directory.

Events Manager

A complete event management system for organising public and private events. Supports attendance limits, credit card payments, group bookings, alerts, SMS reminders and much more.

Membership & My Account

Membership/My Account delivers a customisable list of features including: Full registration, permission and security capabilities, integrated approval processes, paid membership and renewal handling, member profile management, complete reporting, email marketing and event interaction.

Social Q & A

Elcom Social Q&A takes the power of crowd sourcing and makes it available for your community or intranet environment. Ask questions, view unanswered questions, share knowledge, vote for the best answers and provide a self-service environment.

Structured Authoring

Structured authoring allows authors to quickly design an online form using the Form Creator Module that will automatically publish articles from a template using the form’s values on submission, with support for approval workflow if needed. This is a great way for providing a simple, structured way for capturing information from end users to create articles and content without them needing to learn article authoring.

Training Manager

Training Manager provides sophisticated management of staff training programs with visual training pathway designers, simple staff tools, online payments for units on registration and powerful reporting.

Acknowledgement (Licensed)

The Acknowledgement (Licensed) module extends on the base version, and enables you to access detailed reporting and tracking of acknowledgements such as users who have and haven't acknowledged articles.

Content Organiser

Content Organiser provides a superior user experience and increased productivity through time savings, user-preference memory, personalisation and customisation.

Document Lists

Specify which documents to display based on upload locations, how many to display and the look and feel of their display. Associate metadata, and specify access based on security groups. Search and filter documents based on keywords and numerous other criteria.


The Geo Locator Module auto detects a visitor’s country of origin and displays localised webpage variations per article based on their country.


Web sites, intranets, online training and portals can all be run on a single instance of Elcom. And because it is a single instance it means there's only one login required for each user. No more logging in and out of different systems, setting up new users and managing multiple backup scenarios - the Elcom multi-site solution solves this and more.

Social Stream

My Page allows users to invite other site members to share status updates, information and post comments. Create Groups, both private and public, great for targeting conversations around a certain topic, project or idea. Surface user activity and Social feeds.

Task Manager

Task Manager provides users with the ability to assign tasks, set deadlines and maintain progress. It delivers a centralised view for effective management and delivery of tasks and projects.


The Calendar module allows logged-in users to add appointments to defined calendars. Administrators can create calendars and embed them into any article on their site. You can set the visibility so that only certain or all members can see your calendar. This is particularly useful to see staff availability for projects and resource booking.

Content Personalisation

Now you can define content editor elements to be displayed to a specific audience, by assigning content to be displayed to only users that have been segmented into those marketing segments (through building up rule sets). Leveraging personalised content provides greater opportunities to deliver relevant content to the right audience, opening up-selling and cross selling opportunities, nurturing people through the sales cycle, or helping them find the content they are after more efficiently.

Email Marketing

Easily create, import and manage an unlimited number of mailing lists. Create HTML email campaigns (fully compliant with the Federal Government Privacy Act) and track statistics.

Meeting Manager

Meeting Manager offers centralised meeting management. Schedule meetings, display meetings in a calendar view, manage resources, upload meeting packs, assign agendas and more.

Resource Booking

An easy-to-use, meeting and resource booking tool which integrates with other calendar systems such as Microsoft Outlook.

Store and Branch Locator

Find a store location based on distance of a postcode or zip code. Search result count can be limited, and results are ordered by distance. Link directly to location via Google maps integration.

Tracking Management

Tracking Management enables you to raise an item, and then capture and view all the details about that item in one place over a period of time. It allows you to manage and track items through to resolution.


Elcom is built to integrate with your preferred business applications and provide visibility of all these digital platforms. You can also extend on the platform and custom build key integrations specific to your needs.
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Active Directory 

Seamlessly integrate into your Windows based network environment with out-of-the-box Active Directory support (mainly for use in Intranet and Extranet scenarios).

Campaign Monitor 

Integrate with Elcom to track results and manage subscribers in different lists. Opt ins can be automatically pushed into Campaign Monitor.


Teams can insert their Dropbox content into a team workspace at the click of a button. All Dropbox content is displayed including a content search function.

Facebook & Twitter 

Publish events managed through Events Manager directly onto your Facebook page. You can also post social feeds from My Page to your personal Facebook and/or Twitter accounts.

HP Records Manager 

Access HP Records Manager managed documents directly from your Elcom site and publish links on web pages that connect to content residing in the HP TRIM document repository.

Microsoft Exchange 

The Exchange Connector enables two-way synchronisation between Microsoft Office Exchange and the Elcom platform for Calendar appointments.

Open Authorization (OAuth)

OAuth is an open standard authorization protocol that can be used to login using external credentials. Elcom provides the capability to login using your Facebook, Twitter or Google credentials via OAuth.


Access documentation/files stored in OneDrive. Collaborate using OneDrive. Open, edit, comment on and save documents directly in your browser with the Office 365 integration.


Easily create Salesforce web-to-lead forms directly from your site. Push leads from your website to your CRM/sales teams for immediate follow up with this great connector.


Map SharePoint content to Elcom folders for automatic/manual synchronisation. Centrally publish SharePoint pages, documents and images to websites, portals and intranets.

Synergetic Management 

The Synergetic Connector enables you to pull through timetables, student reports, fee statements, absence forms, parent directory, my daughter/son element, photo permissions and much more!


Pull YouTube videos into a site, including its metadata (video duration, keywords, title etc). Manage and use external content on your site without needing to host it.

Amazon AWS CDN 

The Amazon AWS CDN Connector enables the Static Publishing feature in the Elcom platform. This enables you to distribute and serve content to your customers more efficiently and at higher speeds.

Canvas LMS 

Offer your parents, students and staff a single view of Canvas elements from within the Elcom platform including recent course feedback, to do list, items coming up and grades.


The Ecwid connector consists of a set of article elements which allow you to add an online shop immediately into your existing Elcom website. Customers can then shop and check out securely from your site, without being redirected elsewhere. Ecwid is a cloud-based service, so software updates are made automatically without causing your business any downtime.

Google Analytics 

Elcom has built-in features to integrate with the use of Google Analytics (GA) including the ability to automatically add GA tracking to document and article links.

Lotus Domino

The Lotus Domino Connector enables you to integrate the synchronization service with IBM's Lotus Domino server.

Microsoft Office 

Browse, open, edit and/or save your Elcom stored documents directly from the Microsoft Office environment using Microsoft Word, Excel or PowerPoint.

Objective Connector

The Objective Connector enables access to your Objective document management system directly from the Elcom platform, allowing you to publish links on web pages that connect to content residing in the Objective document repository.


Elcom’s PayPal connector allows seamless payment management via PayPal. Our PayPal connector allows for PCI DSS compliant payments.


SAML is an authentication component which allows your staff to authenticate using their corporate account even if your intranet and Active Directory are not on the same network.


Organisations can use Studentnet to provide authentication and authorisation services for Elcom solutions.


This premium rich text editor provides a range of features that provide a contrasting online editing experience compared to standard online editing tools.


Share files and folders stored within your Box account through your Elcom powered intranet. Collaborate on documents all from within the one view.

Developer API / SDK 

Build your own integration processes controlling the data flow in and out of the Elcom platform. The Elcom Security framework enables full enterprise integration capability with audit trail.

Email Marketing 

For busy executives to publish content by simply sending an email (accommodates documents and images) to a designated mailbox, while maintaining styling via pre-set CSS.

Google Drive 

Access your files and folders stored with your Google Drive account.


Configure landing pages and forms, synchronise user engagement and contact data into Marketo for triggering automated nurture campaigns .


Provide a central area to set language type and translation for specific system fields. Language can also be set in folder attributes which will automatically add meta language.


The Okta Connector acts as a SAML Identity Provider. The connector is an offline task that creates and or updates users from Okta, in bulk, using their API in conjunction with the SAML Connector.

Push to Live

A powerful tool that allows a complete staging/test environment to be pushed to the live site with a single click. Saves hours of time and avoids deployment issues.


Import and manage SCORM compliant eLearning package. SCORM interactive elements (next buttons, quizzes, hot-spots, drag and drop etc) all function in Elcom.


Create web-to-lead forms from directly within Elcom. Map fields from the CRM to publish contact details automatically from Elcom forms to SugarCRM.


You can easily share your latest Vimeo videos on your Elcom site. You can embed any video into Dynamic Widgets, search results and articles, by simply entering the Vimeo URL.

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